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Our meat and seafood department is a meat lover’s paradise! Many of our meats are antibiotic free and 100% vegetarian fed with no added hormones. We offer a full array of thick, succulent cuts of beef, lamb, and chicken. We carry Halal brand-the finest available , which adhere to the strictest standards in preparation. We carry Country Fresh Halal brand meats. It is our butcher`s pleasure to accommodate any custom trim or cut to satisfy your personal preferences. At Balboa International Market our vast selection of seafood is ocean fresh, impeccably cleaned and flawlessly presented. We understand the need for the freshest possible fish to serve for your dining table. We offer a full range of seafood choices from many varieties of shellfish to Norwegian salmon, sea bass and swordfish. We offer the finest in seafood preparation from boning, scaling, filleting and steaming. We cordially invite you to come in and take a look at our selections. At Balboa International Market we can assure you of the lowest prices possible, for the quality we offer.


Robert L Lampkins

I love the seasoning on your chicken wings. Awesome


Sorry for the late response. We appreciate your great compliment , Thank you!


I am trying to confirm that the Beef, goat & Chicken that you sell is Zabeeha Halal.
Please let me know if it is 100% Zabeeha Halal.


Hi there,
Yes It is hand slaughtered and %100 Halal .

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